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It is better for the political health of the Congress not to worry too much about other’s home. There is no division within the BJP contrary to propaganda orchestrated by the ruling party. Why the storm when a senior BJP leader like Mr. L.K. Advani heaps praise on a chief minister of the BJP ruled state. Hailing Shivraj Singh Chouhan does not belittle Gujrat Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.

The BJP President Mr. Rajnath Singh has clarified on the position and dismissed reports of ‘war in the parivar’. The Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mr Chouhan is a low profile leader. He believes is doing his work in MP quietly and people of the state have endorsed his governance. So long he has the support of the masses he is there to stay.

Now coming to the Congress, the Party should better look at its divided house in Madhya Pradesh. Congress’ senior leader Mr. Digvijay Singh has been sidelined by the Congress leadership notwithstanding his position in various committees of the AICC. There is no love lost between Digvijay Singh and Ahmed Patel, political advisor to the Congress President, a fact widely known by all who track political development. Congress should better look at its house in Andhra Pradesh where not one but two factions of the Congress Party have revolted against the leadership.

In any vibrant political organization difference opinion is a healthy trend. There is nothing to be apologetic about differences on issues in the BJP. It is sign of a healthy political practice. Advaniji just said that the model of Gujrat can’t work in other states like MP. That Madhya Pradesh was one of the BIMARU ( Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan & Uttar Pradesh) and that after the BJP came to power, the state has recorded handsome growth rate.

The successive Congress government at the Centre always neglected and virtually wrote off these economically backward states. In fact, the Congress denied adequate grants to these states. Once these states came under the rule of the BJP or NDA they have excelled in growth whether it is MP or Bihar.

There is a deliberate attempt to create rift within the BJP by the Congress by throwing unwarranted issues like BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidates. There are not one but half a dozen leaders in the BJP who are capable of becoming Prime Minister. The BJP will take a decision at appropriate time on the subject. Mr Rajnath Singh has already made it clear that Parliamentary Board of the BJP would take decision in this matter.

Even if Congress today decides to replace the present incumbent Dr. Manmohan Singh before the general elections, they don’t have any leader worth to become Prime Minister. I have already discussed this issue in my earlier blog. Will the Congress appoint P Chidambaram or A K Antony or Kamal Nath or Meira Kumar as its Prime Minster? Rahul Gandhi who is being projected as the potential leader to lead the Party and the Government at the Centre is hesitant to take the plunge in the government. He is not even prepared to become a minister at the Centre. With such a weak chain of leaders in the Congress, it is better that the Party concentrate on putting its house in order rather than peeping into BJP’s House.

~ R. K. Sinha

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